Enjoy the Best Korean Restaurants near Palatine

Korean BBQ Galbi with Steamed Rice

The Chicagoland area has some of the best Korean BBQ restaurants around. Residents in our Palatine apartments don’t have to go very far to get their beef bulgogi fix. We’ve narrowed down the top three local Korean takeout restaurants you can order from today.  K-BBQ K-BBQ is the newest spot on this list but also […]

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Cooking Schools near Palatine Offer Online Classes

A woman cooking in her kitchen, looking at a tablet.

Cooking large meals can be stressful at any stage in life. Some people can easily prepare upscale cuisine while others can barely boil instant noodles. Virtual cooking classes have become more popular this past year, giving aspiring chefs a perfect opportunity to make some progress in the kitchen. With some effort, many residents could be […]

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