Bakeries in Palatine Delivering Sweets and More

A baker wearing a mask lifted a baked good from a display.

There are days you crave a fresh, tasty pastry but don’t feel like going out for one. Fortunately, there are great bakeries in Palatine that deliver near our Palatine apartments.

Spunky Dunkers Donuts

If you have a sweet tooth, check out Spunky Dunkers Donuts. Spunky Dunkers makes coffee, hot chocolate, and unforgettable donuts. They make their donuts from scratch every day, and no one makes cake donuts better. 

The vast menu seems to have virtually every donut known to man. Try their red velvet donut or, if you feel adventurous, explore their “secret menu.” They offer delivery through GrubHub, so you’ll never need to leave our apartments in Palatine for those delicious guilty pleasures. 

Bakers Square Restaurants & Pies

As their name implies, Bakers Square Restaurants & Pies is a full-fledged restaurant with a bakery specializing in pies. Bakers Square is the pie lover’s haven. They serve the full gamut of pies, from those filled with fruits and berries to the ones with nuts, custards, and creams. 

Check their website often for reoccurring special promotions like their Free Pie Wednesdays. They offer curbside pickup and delivery.

Einstein Bros Bagels

Bagel lovers, Einstein Bros Bagels is the spot for you. They offer other bakery goods, but bagels are the centerpiece of their meals. You’ll discover some deliciously unique sandwich and bagel arrangements. Try their incredible apple cinnamon bagels. They make fresh bagels every four hours, and they use DoorDash for direct delivery. 

Once you’ve checked out these bakeries in Palatine, be sure to grab a fresh cup of joe from our local coffee shops. When you’re ready to make The Clayson your home, contact us. We’ll be happy to arrange a tour to show you around our Palatine apartments.

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