Cooking Schools near Palatine Offer Online Classes

A woman cooking in her kitchen, looking at a tablet.

Cooking large meals can be stressful at any stage in life. Some people can easily prepare upscale cuisine while others can barely boil instant noodles. Virtual cooking classes have become more popular this past year, giving aspiring chefs a perfect opportunity to make some progress in the kitchen. With some effort, many residents could be proficient with a spatula without ever needing to leave our Palatine apartments. Check out these cooking schools near Palatine offerings online lessons:

The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block has been a staple in the Chicago-area culinary community for more than 20 years. Now the chefs have made it possible for interested students to practice cooking at home. Private lessons range from $20-$100. These sessions may host up to 300 virtual guests for an hour or more. Each session includes a special educational menu, chef moderators to assist during the lesson, and a final question and answer segment with the leading instructor. Help support local grocery stores by purchasing and donating ingredient boxes through the nonprofit Top Box Foods.

Boka Restaurant Group 

Chef-driven groups like Boka Restaurant Group encourage relationships between professionals and the community. The classes available with Boka chefs vary widely, from ramen noodle basics to an advanced risotto and beef tenderloin in truffle sauce. Prices start at $100, including ingredients. Chicago-area residents can receive their ingredients package via local delivery. Bring an appetite and prepare a mouthwatering dish. 

The Chef & The Dish

For those who would like more one-on-one attention, The Chef & The Dish is a perfect fit. Chefs can prepare sessions for couples for a date night. Group lessons are available, so friends may still connect via Skype conference. The classes last a few hours and are $300. Group preparation time and personalized coaching make the experience worth the price. The Chef & The Dish believes in promoting local grocers for the most authentic cooking experience. After booking a session, a kitchen assistant will provide a list of supplies purchasable at local Chicago grocery stores.  

After preparing such a sophisticated meal with virtual cooking classes, enjoy a local glass of wine. If you’d like to learn more about the deluxe kitchens and other amenities at our Palatine apartments, then contact us.

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