Online Martial Arts Classes Offer a Fabulous Workout

If you’re looking for a fun and healthy activity to do from home in our apartments in Palatine, consider online martial arts classes. They are a great way to improve strength and flexibility while learning new moves.

If this sounds good to you, Udemy offers lessons such as:

Martial Arts Workout Routine: Daily Training & Exercises 

This fast-paced class combines the best of martial arts and fitness for a daily workout, unlike any other. It welcomes beginning and seasoned martial artists alike. The 10-minute sessions are perfect for your busy lifestyle. Each begins with a warm-up and features full-body workout exercises and striking techniques derived from karate, Muay Thai, and other martial art forms.

Learn to Kick Like a Black Belt 

For all abilities, Learn to Kick Like a Black Belt will take your kicking to a whole new level. Master Chris Berlow has thirty years of martial arts experience. He helps students develop their skills while sharing the secrets of taekwondo’s powerful, dynamic kicks. Each class builds on the last. You’ll learn an array of kicks, including front, roundhouse, and spinning hook. 

Intro to Jeet Kune Do

To move like Bruce Lee, try Intro to Jeet Kune Do. You will learn salutations, the proper mechanics of movement, and how to draw power from the ground. Sifu David Gallaher began martial arts at a young age. He studied under renowned instructors and enjoys sharing his passion with others. During the course, Sifu Gallaher offers interviews, lectures, and demonstrations. You can learn at your own pace and will earn a certificate of completion. 

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