Hone Your Writing Skills at Home with These Virtual Options

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Illinois has housed hundreds of amazing writers, from Ray Bradbury to Sandra Cisneros. However, writing novels, short stories, or even poetry isn’t just for the pros. Anyone can write their story. Before picking up a pen, check out the American Writers Museum and other online resources to get the ball rolling. Best of all, you can do everything from the comfort of our apartments in Palatine, Il. 

Virtual Frederick Douglass Exhibit

A wonderful first step in becoming a writer is to take inspiration from other talented authors. Chicago’s famous American Writers Museum is filled with breathtaking exhibits and the history surrounding many great writers. For a thrilling exhibit to tour from home, check out the Frederick Douglass exhibit. The exhibit honors the abolitionist through not only the virtual tour but a catalog of portraits ranging from the writer’s early years to late in life. The museum also offers a timeline of major events in Douglass’s life.

Writing Classes, Workshops, and More

If you’re ready to jump into writing, but still want a little guidance, joining a class or workshop would be the best strategy. For young fiction, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is the one-stop place for instruction on everything revolving around children’s fiction and illustration. 

For all other age groups, Master Class is a fantastic option. The website offers courses on anything and everything, taught by professionals of every field imaginable. Famous writers offering advice and more include Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, and even R.L. Stine.

Finding Your Community

Finally, you’ll want to share your work with a community that makes you feel at home. There are hundreds of writing communities online to choose from. 

One example is Absolute Write. This community is home to over 60,000 writers of all experience levels and genres. The site is open to chats between authors and advertises additional resources.

There are also smaller communities that specialize in different genres, such as Chronicles, a community for writers interested in science fiction. It may take a short search, but finding a supportive community can help a budding writer take massive strides in their projects.

Anyone can be a writer, and a writer can write from anywhere, so why not write from the comfort of your own home? For more information on our apartments in Palatine, contact us today. Also, If all that writing stirred up an appetite, be sure to check out our suggestions for top-quality pizza near you!

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